LCID @ Labour Conference


The Labour Campaign for International Development is off to Liverpool for Conference next week and we hope to see you at one of our events.

On Tuesday, we’re delighted to announce that the Co-operative Party are holding their Annual Conference Reception in association with LCID.  The event will be helping to raise funds in support of the Sewn Up campaign which is supporting a Women’s Co-operative in South Africa to buy new sewing machines, which they use to make clothes for the local community.

On Monday evening, we’ll be hosting our LCID Drinks. If you’re a LCID regular or first-timer come and join us at 9pm in the Staybridge Suites main bar.

Here are some other development-focused events taking place at conference:


  • Foreign Policy Centre – Rethinking democracy and development: what role for new media & technology (5.30pm Hilton, Grace Suite 2)
  • Jubilee Debt Campaign – Beyond Aid: a Labour manifesto for fighting poverty, injustice & inequality (7pm, BT Convention Centre Hall 13)
  • Save the Children reception (9pm, BT Convention Centre Hall 13)


  • Saferworld conciliation resources & Care International – Conflicted development: can aid help prevent violent conflict (12pm, BT Convention Centre Hall 13)
  • BOND joint event with Development NGOs on Labour’s vision for development (1pm, BT Convention Centre, Riverside balcony)


  • UNICEF – the $100bn climate change question – who should pay? (8am, BT Convention Centre, Concourse fringe room 6)
  • World Vision – Fallout of war: the value of health in fragile countries (5pm, Hilton)
  • Oxfam – the Geopolitics of Food (8pm, Thistle Hotel, Atlantic Tower)
  • ActionAid, Christian Aid & Demos – Taxing Times: Is there anything wrong with tax avoidance? (5:45pm, ACC Room 9)

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