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Dear Friend,

Since LCID was launched late 2009 it has grown to become an active and respected advocate of international development within the Labour Party and beyond.

Together we’ve organised campaign trips in the last election, worked with Labour MPs to enshrine the 0.7% aid commitment into UK law, helped shaped  Labour Party policy, and we are now a Socialist Society affiliated to the Labour Party.

To help us grow stronger, we’re looking for people to join with us to become an annual LCID Member.

Your membership will help LCID become an ever more effective voice on international development within the Labour Party and keep up our party’s proud tradition of internationalism.

Poverty is political, it is about the change we choose and only with socially democratic values, progressive economics and real leadership will Britain play it full role in its eradication.

By joining as a member, you pledge to support our aims and values. This includes:

  1. Our belief that tackling poverty and inequality is what Labour governments are for. We want the next Labour Government to take a ‘whole government’ approach to global justice, ensuring that our policies on tax, trade, climate change, home affairs, education, business regulation, defence, and security deliver for the world’s poorest people.
  2. Backing British aid. We want Britain to spend 0.7% of GNI on aid and spend it on tackling poverty and inequality.
  3. Wanting DFID to be an innovative, independent department with a seat at the cabinet table and representation on all the relevant cabinet committees.
  4. And wanting the next Labour Government to pursue an ethical foreign policy and champion a progressive approach to humanitarian intervention in line with our international obligations, such as the UN’s Responsibility To Protect Civilians commitment.
All Members will be invited to our Annual Reception, be the first to hear about our events at Party Conference, and participate in our next elections and AGM.

Your support as a Annual Member will be vital to help LCID continue to be an effective voice on international development in the Labour Party and beyond – so please join up today!


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