Harman – International community must respond to Pakistan floods

Responding to recent flooding in Pakistan, Harriet Harman MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development has released the following statement;

 “These devastating floods are causing more suffering for people who were still recovering from the floods of 2010. For the second time, many have lost their homes and the crops and livestock they depend on .

“The Government of Pakistan has called for international support. The international community, including the UK Government, must respond.  The UK Government has shown strong leadership in responding to the crisis  in the Horn of Africa, but sadly other countries have not. We must not see a repeat of the slow response of the international community to the crisis in Pakistan.

“As we have seen in the Horn of Africa, the world must not sit back when people are suffering. People across Pakistan need food, shelter, safe water and medical treatment. Although Aid Agencies are doing their best to get to the people who need their help, with enough funds they could do so much more.  The faster we act, the more lives we can save.

“The Government must also listen to and involve the Disapora community in the UK.  They  are extremely concerned about their friends and relatives in Pakistan, and are well aware of what needs to be done.

“As well as the immediate humanitarian need these devastating floods show why the government must step up their action to tackle climate change and  help protect communities from future disasters. At the G20 in November the Government must take the lead in ensuring that the world acts.”

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