Labour Campaign for International Development is a group for all those committed to a world without poverty & injustice. We are a socialist society affiliated to the Labour Party.

Since LCID was launched late 2009 it has grown to become an active and respected advocate of international development within the Labour Party and beyond. Together we’ve organised campaign trips in the last election, worked with Labour MPs to enshrine the 0.7% aid commitment into UK law, and helped shaped  Labour Party policy.

Over the coming years, LCID will be campaigning for:

  1. The next Labour Government to take a ‘whole government’ approach to global justice, ensuring that our policies on tax, trade, climate change, home affairs, education, business regulation, defence, and security deliver for the world’s poorest people.
  2. The next Labour Government to pursue an ethical foreign policy and champion a progressive approach to humanitarian intervention in line with our international obligations, such as the UN’s Responsibility To Protect Civilians commitment.
  3. For Britain to continue to spend 0.7% of GNI on aid and spend it on tackling poverty and inequality.
  4. For DFID to continue to be an innovative, independent department with a seat at the cabinet table and representation on all the relevant cabinet committees.

You can view our Constitution here.


The LCID Executive

 77e69d218736aa6eb6679338c8d17327 Vice Chair – David Taylor

david@lcid.org.uk | @DavidTaylor85

David is founder and former Chair of Labour Campaign for International Development. He previously worked for the Office of Gordon & Sarah Brown, Ann McKechin MP and as a Campaigner for Oxfam and Wada Na Todo (the national campaign against poverty in India), and as a student activist with People & Planet on Fairtrade.

 6XezPhMj Campaigns Officer – Mike Buckley

mike@lcid.org.uk | @mdbuckley

Mike worked in international development for over 12 years based in the Middle East, Central Asia, South East Asia and parts of Africa. More recently he has worked in political campaigning in London and nationally. He now works as a consultant in development, politics and campaigning for NGOs and civil society organisations. Mike is an active member of the Labour Party and the Co-operative Party.

 LCID cover Parliamentary Officer – Aaron Cohen-Gold


Having previously worked for several MPs, including Daniel Zeichner, LCID VP Rachel Reeves, and Yvette Cooper, Aaron is now Public Affairs Manager for the University of Cambridge. He has been heavily involved with a variety of local campaign groups to bring orphaned Syrian children to the UK and formerly worked at Jerusalem’s only Jewish-Arab school. His interests include conflict resolution, particularly in the Middle East, interfaith relations and climate change. He a graduate of the University of Leeds, having read BA Politics and Parliamentary Studies.

 55f1f35479e61fe3877058ac31dce996 Parliamentary Officer – Anna Gelderd


Anna works for an international NGO, engaging MPs on issues including education for all, and ending extreme poverty and hunger. Anna was previously an advisor to the Shadow International Development team and worked in the Deputy Leaders’ Office during the 2015 election campaign.

 picture-6787-1444650997 Parliamentary Officer – Juan Leahy


Juan works for ActionAid on their Tax Justice Campaign. He previously spent three years as a political advisor to Mary Creagh MP, leading on political and media work in support of her roles as Shadow Secretary of State for Defra, Transport and International Development. Prior to that he worked as a researcher to MPs, MEPS and as a Labour Party organiser in Brighton.

 Stuart McWilliam Policy Officer – Stuart McWilliam

stuart@lcid.org.uk | @stuartmcw

Stuart has worked in the International Development sector for over 15 years. His current role at Global Witness involves campaigning to prevent banks from facilitating devastating corruption in developing countries through aiding and abetting state looting by unscrupulous officials. Stuart started his career with Oxfam, where for 12 years he had a number of roles campaigning to change governments’ policies on a range of issues. These included increasing aid, securing an international treaty to regulate the arms trade, achieving a ceasefire in Northern Uganda’s 20 year civil war, a new international agreement on the Responsibility to Protect Civilians, and climate change. He has also worked for the anti-poverty campaigning organisation ONE.

 14560166_10153713024850146_4833530661555110829_o Membership Officer – Heather Staff

heather@lcid.org.uk | @staff_heather

Heather has over 10 years political and NGO international experience. She works extensively on democratic involvement helping to inspire and educate young people working in diplomacy and transformational leadership/civil society in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Having specialised in war crimes and genocide at degree level and anti-corruption and law in development for her masters, she spent time volunteering with agencies such as Tearfund in Kenya and IJM.  She has worked in East Africa, Middle East, Balkans and Eastern Europe, most recently working on the refugee crisis in Croatia and Serbia.  She is active in the Labour party serving as secretary for the socialist societies and executive officer for Christians on the Left.

 lChlPlPl Membership Officer – Sam Rushworth

sam@lcid.org.uk | @SamJRushworth

Sam is a special advisor to Seven United – an African youth-led charity helping young people access education. He was Labour’s 2015 parliamentary candidate for Blackpool North. Sam has previously taught in Rwanda, conducted PhD research on post-genocide education and child rights, worked under-cover investigating human rights abuse and child soldiers, taught International Development at UEA, and worked as a senior manager in the Red Cross.

All our contributors write on this blog in a personal capacity and do not represent the views of the Labour Party or the organisations they are employed by.