Help for Haiti

A huge 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti last night. This is one of the worst disasters to befall crisis ridden Haiti. The extent of the devastation is still unclear but it is likely thousands have died and many, many more are trapped in the rubble. The early signs are not good: with communications down across the country Haiti’s large expatriate population are still unclear what has happened to their relatives and friends.

We’d urge all those reading to donate to the disaster relief charities, and ask other bloggers to crosspost this message to spread the word about how to help.

Oxfam has long experience in Haiti, and they are rushing in teams from around the region to respond where they’re needed most. They already have a team in Port-au-Prince and their response will include providing clean water, shelter and sanitation.

UNICEF have issued a statement that “Children are always the most vulnerable population in any natural disaster, and UNICEF is there for them.” UNICEF requests donations for relief for children in Haiti via their Haiti Earthquake Fund.

Medicins san Frontieres are responding to the Earthquake in Haiti with their usual speed and efficiency and any donations would be of a great help.

Mercy Corps are also seeking donations so they can expand their aid efforts in Haiti.

More organisations seeking donations are available here.

Please help in whatever way you can.

This post was originally posted on Left Outside, and has also been published on Liberal Conspiracy, Don Paskini’s Blog and Labour List. Please crosspost it to your own blog.

UPDATE – The Disasters Emergency Committee, made up of 13 UK-based international aid charities, has also launched a fundraising appeal for those affected by the Haiti earthquake.

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