Invitation – Join LCID’s talk on humanitarianism with Stephen Doughty MP, speakers from Syria, Rwanda & Bosnia, and Robin Cook’s advisor David Clark 🌐

LCID is delighted to invite you to a special panel discussion on humanitarianism in today’s world as we launch our new awareness raising campaign with Labour members.

The event will take place on Thursday 10th September from 6pm-7.30pm on Zoom.

Our brilliant panel includes:

  • Stephen Doughty MP, Shadow FCO & DFID Minister and LCID VP
  • Elmina Kulasic, Bosnia Director, Remembering Srebrenica
  • Ibrahim Olabi, Syrian British Council Board Member, Barrister at Guernica37 and Director of the Syrian Legal Development Programme
  • Eric Murangwa Eugene MBE, Founder & CEO of the Ishami Foundation and former international goalkeeper for Rwanda
  • David Clark, former Foreign Officer advisor to Robin Cook MP

Please RSVP here and the Zoom link will be sent to you shortly.

We’ll also be organising another panel on UK aid in the coming weeks, so watch this space. These two events will mark the launch of LCID’s new speakers network to raise awareness of international development and humanitarianism amongst Labour members. Over 20 speakers have now signed up and are keen to come join your local CLP meeting to talk about these issue. You can request a speaker for your local Labour Party here.

LCID is a socialist society affiliated to the Labour Party, and affiliated to a number of CLPs around the UK as well. Our two main campaigns are:

  1. Defending the UK’s aid – to retain the 0.7% aid target and an independent DFID
  2. The Responsibility to Protect – support Jo Cox’s call for Britain to take a comprehensive approach to protecting civilians caught up in conflict.

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