I leave this House feeling a huge amount of gratitude, but also with some concern – Gordon Brown’s valedictory speech in full

I ask this House to remember that our greatest successes as a country have come not when we have been divided nor when we have turned inwards, but when we have confidently looked outwards and thought globally, our eyes fixed on the wider world and the future.

With the unwinding of the Pax Americana, and in the wake of the recent retreat from global cooperation – for today we have no global climate change treaty, no global financial standards and for the first time in half a century no world trade agreement – we must recapture what now seems a distant memory – the heightened global coordination of 2009 which Britain led – and never allow ourselves to become spectators or watchers on the shore, when the world needs us, in Europe and beyond, to lead and champion global action to deal with poverty, pollution, proliferation and protectionism – and to defuse what is potentially the biggest global flashpoint: the growing anger of millions of disenfranchised young people in the poorest countries at the unacceptable denial of the basic opportunities they deserve and demand. And so it is right and it is a tribute to all here that two of the last Acts of this Parliament are new laws on aid and slavery, guaranteeing the British people’s long term support to the most vulnerable in the world.


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