Scottish independence: Yes vote risks foreign aid

An article in The Scotsman by Andrew Whitaker, reported that hundreds of civil service jobs in international development would be lost to Scotland after a Yes vote, with a weakening of the effort to tackle global poverty and deeps cuts in aid to poorer nations.

The article explained that Labour MSP Margaret McCulloch, had warned MSPs of an “unacceptable” threat to the jobs and the end of Dfid’s presence in Scotland, which she claimed was worth tens of millions of pounds to the local economy. She added that a Yes vote would lead to the “fragmentation” of aid to the world poorest and the loss of half of the UK’s budget to help poverty stricken nations – a package of support delivered from Difid in East Kilbride that she claimed would equate to a £1 billion cut in humanitarian support.

Ms McCulloch claimed there was a “positive, progressive, humanitarian reason” to reject independence in the debate.” She concluded “The International Development Select Committee expect the East Kilbride office, which contributes £30 million to the local economy, to close within five years of a Yes vote.”

To read the full transcript of the debate, click here.


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