LCID Election Results 2012

Thank you to everyone that voted in our first elections. Thank you also to the brilliant 23 individuals who put themselves forward and stood to be members of our National Executive Committee.

The results, ratified by today’s AGM, are as follows:


David Taylor 79
James Anthony 61
Claire Leigh 58
Tom Baker 50
Charlie Samuda 48
Sarah Kennedy 48
Bethan Twigg 47
Mann Virdee 46
Ali Louis 40
Sadia Ali 40
Anna-Joy Rickard 39
Danielle Grufferty 39
Lee Webster 39
Adeodatus Ronie Twumasi 37
Mairin Power 34*
Nadeem Javaid 34*



Peter Ptashko 30
David Courcoux 28
Joe Walker 27
Paul Edwards 27
Edward Buxton 24
Robbie Scott 21
Joshua Lindsey-Turner 17


*In the event of a tie, candidates on the same number of votes are both elected.

94 out of 232 Members voted.

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