Osbornomics mean the UK aid budget is £4.25 billion less than it should have been

Today’s Autumn Statement means that the UK aid budget is £4.25 billion less than expected since the 2010 election.

Whilst the Conservatives’ misguided austerity drive is hurting hard working families up and down the country, this government had at least claimed that they would not be balancing the books on the back of the world’s poorest people.

But despite the 0.7% promise, the consequences of this Government’s policies to the world’s poorest people is stark:

£2.4 billion LESS

…because they choose to freeze the aid budget in 2011 & 2012, instead of increasing to 0.7 with an even trajectory as Labour would have done

£1.17 billion LESS

…from Autumn Statement 2011 downgrade (2011-2014) – because their mismanagement  has hurt growth and reduced our Gross National Income from what was predicted in the 2010 CSR

£680 million LESS

…from Autumn Statement 2012 downgrade (2012-2014) – because a year on they still don’t have a Plan B

It’s not working, and it’s hurting even those they said they’d protect…

3 thoughts on “Osbornomics mean the UK aid budget is £4.25 billion less than it should have been

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