Conservative Home’s Ruth Lea: Cut aid budget to cut tax for richest 1%

No wonder the Tories are opposed to the Robin Hood Tax – they’re proposing the opposite – to rob from the poor to give to the rich.

Political Scrapbook reporting what we highlighted yesterday;

Conservative Home columnist Ruth Lea has given the “same old Tories” brigade another round of ammunition, with her suggestion that the government should cut the 50p tax rate — at the direct expense of the world’s poorest.

“A saving of £4bn in the aid budget could easily accommodate the removal of the competitiveness-damaging additional income tax rate (50% rate)”

International aid was one of David Cameron’s key fronts detoxifying the Conservative brand. The Prime Minister has hit out at critics of the aid budget, justifying it both on humanitarian and national security grounds. But there have been consistent voices on the right of the party which have spoken out against it, most notably a leaked letter fromdisgraced former Defence Secretary Liam Fox.

It’s robbing the poor to pay the rich.

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