Low-cost healthcare technology for the world’s poorest

Charlie Samuda likes Mark Lazarowicz’ speech on healthcare innovation for developing countries.

In a recent speech to the Institute of Medical Engineers Mark Lazarowicz MP called for a focus on affordable and innovative healthcare solutions for the benefit of the world’s poorest. The shadow development minister cited examples of life saving simple, low-cost medical advances such as clean syringes that could prevent the 1.3m deaths each year caused by unsafe injections.

In his speach – ‘Appropriate healthcare technology for developing countries’ – Mark said:

“Technology can be effectively harnessed to serve the needs of people living in the world’s poorest countries.

“…innovation [can be] relatively simple – motorbike sidecars adapted as ambulances or hearing aids using solar power rather than expensive batteries – but these can be exceptionally well tailored to the situation in which they would be used.

“At present medical equipment can sometimes go unused because for instance power supply or skilled staff are lacking to operate relatively sophisticated technology. We must address issues like energy access and shortages of health workers but I was impressed by the drive of the speakers to improve the lives of the world’s poorest people and ensure that they benefit from medical technology skilfully adapted to meet their needs.”

You can find Mark’s speech in full here.

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