Profile: Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Poplar & Limehouse

On the 20th of March, LCID campaigned with the Minister for Food, Farming and the Environment Jim Fitzpatrick. Jim is Labour’s PPC in the Poplar and Limehouse constituency in East London, which has a very high Bangladeshi population.

Jim has an outstanding record on development issues in Bangladesh, where he visits annually with his wife, Dr. Sheila Fitzpatrick, and from where he had returned only four days earlier. During this latest trip Jim met the Bangladeshi Prime Minister to discuss British aid, and visited a catering institute providing employment and training, and HIV victims in a hospital in Sylhet, the region where the majority of the Bangladeshis in the East End of London originally hail from. Furthermore, he met with a Minister from the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs to discuss progress made on women’s rights.

Within his constituency, Jim has worked tirelessly at tackling poverty and racism, and is even currently learning Sylheti to engage with non English-speaking Bangladeshi constituents. Despite this hard work, Jim faces a real fight to keep his seat due to an adverse boundary change, the emergence of the Respect Party, and one of the highest numbers of new constituents in the country.

Bangladesh remains one of the world’s poorest countries and will be strongly hit by the negative effects of climate change in the coming years, unless firm action is taken now. LCID fully supports Jim’s campaign to be re-elected in Poplar and Limehouse so that he can continue to raise awareness and support international development efforts in Bangladesh.

by Sammy Beedan, LCID activist

One thought on “Profile: Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Poplar & Limehouse

  1. sheila says:

    hi ya Jim,
    well done congrats on winning the seat in poplar and lime house, i said ill be back to see you,after the election was over, about my son who is still homeless,i will be making a appointment with you soon,i hope you can help us, regards sheila

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