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Have a break, have a [Fairtrade] Kit Kat

7 December 2009

Great news today as Kit Kat, Britain’s biggest selling chocolate biscuit, will go Fairtrade from January.

About 1 billion Kit Kats are sold every year in the UK and the switch is set to guarantee a better deal for more than 6,000 Ivorian cocoa farmers.Kit Kat goes Fairtrade

Gareth Thomas MP, our Trade & Development Minister said:

“I am glad to see Kit Kat become Fairtrade certified, giving more British shoppers the chance to improve the lives of some of the world’s poorest people. This will give thousands of Ivorian cocoa farmers better opportunities to trade their way out of poverty.”

Fairtrade continues to grow despite the recession. The Fairtrade Mark appears on 4,500 products, and last year more than £700m was spent on Fairtrade goods in the UK, an increase of more than £200m on 2007. And thanks to a Labour Government, Fairtrade will continue to grow.

In October, Secretary of State Douglas Alexander announced £12m of new funding for Fairtrade, to help twice as many farmers in the developing world work their way out of poverty. The funding will bring another 1 million producers into the scheme and so enable 7 million more people in poor countries to benefit from a better deal offered by Fairtrade.

Returning to the Kit Kat, this is a victory for Fairtrade supporters everywhere. For years Nestle were vehemently opposed to Fairtrade. But as with their attempt to sue the Ethiopian government a few years ago, they have bowed to public pressure. First with their coffee product, now with Kit Kat – that may be just two product lines, but now we have our feet firmly wedged in their door. There is a long way to go, but no way back.

To get involved in Fairtrade campaigning go to

by David Taylor, Labour Campaign for International Development

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  1. Joshua Fenton-Glynn permalink
    7 December 2009 14:22

    Sorry we shouldn’t be doing Nestle PR for them, when an organisation is giving money to Mugabe’s wife, who’s practeces are responsible for pushing coffee prices to their current low and who have been involved for the past 30 years in aggressive marketing campaigns for formula baby milk responsible for the deaths of millions of children. As save the children said:

    “Globally clamping down on baby milk companies, as well as protecting, promoting and supporting mothers to breastfeed, could save the lives of nearly 3,800 children a day. Help us to make a difference.”

  2. 7 December 2009 14:30

    Of course not Josh. As I said in the blog tho, I’m not giving any credit to Nestle for this, it’s my view that they’ve bowed to public pressure, just as they were forced to back down on the Ethiopian debt scandal after 8,500 people jammed their fax machine in a single day. And now we need to continuing pressuring them until more and more of their products switch to Fairtrade.

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