Make 0.7% aid spending UK law

In 2005, due largely to campaigning by many of us as part of the Make Poverty History campaign, world leaders promised to increase aid spending to 0.7% of their Gross National Income. Labour is tripling our aid budget and is committed to reaching the target by 2013.

Now we need to make that promise a reality by turning it into a binding law.

But we are during a recession and some are saying we should forget our promises to the world’s poor and that public support for aid has declined. The Torie’s claim they’d match 0.7% – but when they were last in power the slashed aid spending & pushed ruinous economic policies which made some of the poorest countries even poorer.

We have to show that the British people still want to make poverty history, and expect us to keep our promises.

In the Queen’s Speech, our Labour Government has set out plans to create a binding law to keep our promise to providing 0.7% of national income as aid.

Labour’s spending on international development has lifted 3 million people permanently out of poverty each year – that can’t be put at risk.

Please show you support this plan and take action – by signing up to the campaign & encouraging friends to do the same at

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