A Labour Approach to Development – LCID’s manifesto for 2017

We’d like to share with our supporters LCID’s submission to the Labour Party’s 2017 manifesto. Building on our 2015 manifesto, and our campaigning on aid and Syria and the Responsibility to Protect, below are the our policies we would like included in Labour’s manifesto:


  • Labour should maintain our global leadership position on aid, spending 0.7% of GNI on eradicating extreme poverty and delivering our life-saving support through an independent Department for International Development.
  • Labour should support poor countries to build their public health and education systems, increasing budget sector support to pre-2010 levels.[1]

Responsibility to Protect

  • Labour should pursue an ethical foreign policy, including upholding the 2005 UN Responsibility to Protect Civilians agreement,[2] and the Arms Trade Treaty.[3]
  • Labour should push for a comprehensive strategy to protect civilians strategy to protect civilians in Syria, help Syrians to establish a democratic, free and socially just country. In the short term, an internationally-led no-fly zone should be set up in Idlib province as soon as possible to prevent further civilian deaths.[4]

Trade Post-Brexit

  • Labour should offer a non-reciprocal preference scheme for imports from economically vulnerable countries immediately upon Britain’s exit of the EU.


  • Labour will review all UK tax policies to ensure they do not undermine global agreements, are fair to poor countries, and consistent with the UK’s development objectives.
  • Labour will push for public country-by-country reporting of tax information by multinational companies within 2 years, either multilaterally, or if that fails, unilaterally.

A whole Government approach

  • Labour will ensure a coherent and comprehensive UK Government approach to eradicating poverty and protecting human rights, by ensuring all relevant policies – on tax, climate, energy, trade, immigration, defence, foreign policy alliances and growth – are ‘pro-development’.[5]


[1] Budget sector support enables Government to build public services over the long term. The Tories have slashed this since they came to power in 2010.

[2] This stipulates that when a government either wilfully fails to protect the security of its citizens, or is unable to do so, the international community has a clear obligation to intervene, choosing timely and decisive action from a wide range of approaches, including diplomatic means, sanctions and in the most extreme cases, military operations.

[3] Including suspending UK arm sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen, where there is a clear risk that those arms are being used to violate international humanitarian law.

[4] As proposed by Syria Solidarity UK: www.syriauk.org/p/no-bomb-zone.html

[5] This is the only way to ensure that we do not entrench poverty with one hand whilst trying to relieve it with the other.

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