LCID Achievements 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, we look back on some of LCID’s achievements for the year – and we’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has supported us this year, from our members to our Honorary Presidents, our Advisory Board and our Executive Committee.

LCID achievements

2015 highlights

  • Convening internationalists in the party:
  • Hosted ‘Labour in the World’ event (January 2015), bringing together the Shadow Foreign, Development, Defence and DECC Secretaries on a panel to discuss international priorities for Labour ahead of the 2015 election. Brought together 20+ international groups within the party as co-hosts
  • Hosted launch of Glenys Kinnock/ Stephen Doughty pamphlet on Beyond Aid (March 2015), attended by a number of our members
  • Supported Labour’s International Development Event with Ed Miliband (May 2015), attended by a number of our members
  • Hosted Parliamentary Reception for new Researchers (July 2015), to brief them on LCID’s work. Attended by 40+ Parliamentary staff
  • Hosted International Rally at party conference (September 2015), together with BOND, bringing together 15+ speakers on international development, including Hilary Benn, Stephen Twigg, Ray Collins
  • Election campaigning:
    • Developed Development on the Doorstep campaign pack with the Shadow team, sent out to all MPs via Stephen Doughty
    • Monthly updates for PPCs with development campaigning ideas
    • LCID members campaigned in 10+ seats with pro- international development candidates including Catherine West, Neil Coyle, Tulip Siddiq, Purna Sen, Alison McGovern, Gareth Thomas, Daniel Zeichner
  • Promoting debates and raising the profile of development online:
    • Updated LCID video
    • 6% increase in blogs and website page views (13,531 per month on average in 2015, compared to 12,737 in 2014)
    • Reached 2.5k followers on Twitter
    • 8k likes on Facebook
  • Policy influencing:
    • International Development Committee Beyond Aid report launched (January 2015), echoing many points from LCID’s submission
    • Briefings for Mary Creagh and team
    • Meetings with other shadow cabinet members, MPs
    • Support for the 0.7% bill campaign
    • International pledge for 2015 Leadership candidates
  • Outreach and meetings with third sector:
    • Hosted NGO roundtable with Gareth Thomas MP (December 2014)
    • Hosted ‘First 100 days of next government’ NGO roundtable to agree on asks of the next Labour government, with representatives from 10+ NGOs (March 2015)
  • Growing our membership:
  • Our membership has grown and we now have 203 members

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