Support Fairtrade Fortnight!


It’s Fairtrade Fortnight! The Labour and Cooperative movement has a proud history of supporting Fairtrade – we’d encourage everyone to keep buying Fairtrade products, and get involved in Fairtrade Fortnight in the coming days.

In government we supported FAIRTRADE with DFID funding since we created the department in 1997.

Labour believes in the values at the core of FAIRTRADE: that everyone across the globe should receive a fair price for their goods, and a fair wage for their work.

This is why in government we increased the UK’s investment in helping poor countries trade to over £400 million a year.

No country has tackled poverty without increasing trade. In government we promoted trade as a way to help millions out of poverty, raise living standards and increase global prosperity.

But trade can only be successful in this way if it is done right. Our support for FAIRTRADE helped millions of producers get the returns they deserved for their products.

Our support for FAIRTRADE not only led to better deals for small-scale farmers and workers – it also led to more certified plantations for certain products. These companies employ large numbers of workers on estates.

We supported FAIRTRADE as it certified standards for protecting workers’ basic rights – a core part of Labour’s approach to development.

Our support for FAIRTRADE not only empowered farmers and workers, but also consumers – people in the UK should have the right to know whether a product they are buying is ethical or not.

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