A Labour Approach to Development: LCID’s Manifesto

In ‘A Labour Approach to Development’ we set out LCID’s manifesto asks ahead of the 2015 election. The document was submitted to the National Policy Forum’s ‘Britain’s Global Role‘ policy consultation last summer.

This ideas contained in this document are our own ideas for what Labour’s internationalist vision should be in the coming years.

What makes us so proud of Labour’s record is not only the amount of money we spent in international aid, as transformative as that was, but the leadership we showed at summit after summit – from our hosting of the G8 and G20 Summits to Ed Miliband’s own herculean efforts staying up all night in Copenhagen to try and secure a global climate deal.

The purpose of this document, therefore, is to propose the ways in which Britain can once again become a global leader and progressive powerhouse under the next Labour Government.

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