Labour Women’s Network to host session on Women in the Arab Spring, Saturday 16th November

The following blog is posted on behalf of LCID’s friends at the Labour Women’s Network:
LWN are proud to be part of an international movement and one of the most exciting aspects of our upcoming political day Foundations for Victory is that we will be joined by women from our Sister Parties across the globe with visitors from nearly a dozen countries, including Ghana, Botswana, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Jordan.

As well as hosting these guests we will have a special session in which women from Labour’s Sister Parties in the Middle East will be speaking on their experiences of the Arab Spring, both directly and the impact on the region as a whole. They will also be sharing with us how they are working to support and empower women in their parties and their countries. How they’ve tried to ensure that the voices of women aren’t lost after revolution and their approach to the challenge of increasing women’s rights and representation.

The panel will be chaired by Claire Leigh, Co-Chair of the Labour Campaign for International Development and offers a unique chance to discuss the global nature of the problems we face in women’s representation, learn lessons and share best practice with our sisters abroad, learn how we can support sisters in the sister parties and most importantly hear the inspirational stories of these women.

Confirmed for this very special panel so far are:

Zohra Lhioui (USFP, Morocco) President of the Foreign Relations Committee

Omezzine Khelifa (Ettakatol, Tunisia), member of Ettakatol’s Political Bureau and Women’s Wing

We firmly believe that working with our international partners is not only useful but necessary when we work to improve women’s representation in politics and that’s why as well as hosting these speakers LWN trainers have been directly supporting women in sister parties.

A view which committee member Mel Ward summed up in a blog for Shifting Grounds earlier in the week where she wrote about her experience in the Middle East and why international solidarity is central to the women’s movement.

If you, like Mel believe that we have much to learn from our sister across the globe don’t miss this opportunity and get your ticket now.

Hope to see on Saturday!

Labour Women’s Network

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