Labour reaction to the DfID cuts

Responding to leaked plans from senior civil servants at the Department for International Development to scrap 100 key targets and projects – from increasing support to fair trade, to supporting health and education and the UN Peacebuilding Fund, Shadow Minister for International Development Gareth Thomas MP said:

“This leaked list is deeply shocking. It shows behind all the warm words about keeping our commitments to the worlds poorest – Tory Ministers are planning to abandon many of the key commitments which have established the UK as a leader in tackling global poverty and disease over recent years.

“Other commitments amazingly earmarked for dropping include Labour’s commitment to scale up funding for the incredibly successful ethical and fairtrade movement, and to support work with faith based organisations.

“Officials have also been asked by ministers to cynically earmark commitments they think can be dropped without anyone noticing – including UK support to the UN Peacbuilding Fund.

“These revelations seriously undermine any claims the government have made about taking the international development agenda seriously and will shock many of the organisations who have campaigned over many years for these commitments.”

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