Sky News: “You said it, Dave.”

The leaked DfID documents propose cuts to 100 of Labour’s aid commitments, broken by Left Foot Forward and covered by the FT and the Telegraph has now made Sky News.

Here’s an extract:

“the document divides development pledges into several other categories: those with strong public backing, those with vocal individual support, those with strong backing by other government departments, and – my personal favourite – those deemed “unlikely to be noticed”.

Unnoticed by whom, I wonder? Presumably the organizations promised assistance will catch on if none is forthcoming. NGOs providing technical help for fair elections in Africa might wonder, for example, why they have been relegated to this last and most expendable category when David Cameron and his friends in the G8 so recently reaffirmed their commitment to building stable democracies in the region.

In a Guardian article where he decried maternal mortality, David Cameron rightly pointed out that “people in developed countries are fed up with hearing grand promises from political leaders which are never fulfilled”. You said it, Dave.”

Read Sky’s article in full here.

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