Urgent action: Please forward this message

This is a big choice election. I know many of you will have friends who care deeply about social justice and global poverty – now is the last chance we have to again get the message out to them about Labour’s proud record on international development.

Whatever their grievances about a Government (and after 13 years, there inevitably will be), however appealing the untested idealism of the Liberal Democrats or the Greens may be – let them be in no doubt that tomorrow is a straight choice between a Labour Government that lifts 3 million peope out of poverty every year, and a Conservative who halved the aid budget when they were last in power and would impose failed private healthcare & education policies on the most vulnerable.

Let them be in no doubt also that we have in Gordon Brown who has done more than any other Prime Minister this country has had to advocate against global poverty.

Share these four links to show them why…

  • Gordon Brown speaking at a ‘GB on the road‘ event on international development
  • Our comparison of Labour & the Conservatives today on Left Foot Forward
  • Labour’s manifesto on international development
  • And if they’re still not convinced, Gordon’s thumping speech to Citizens UK on the power of movements on Monday.

Please forward this to your friends and contact, post on Facebook, re-tweet, and of course, support Labour candidates in whatever way you can tomorrow.

Many thanks,

The LCID Team.

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