Personal message from Douglas Alexander

There are less than 30 hours left before the last ballot is cast in this election – an election that will decide the fate of a generation – not just here but across the world. Labour has made a difference globally, just look at our success against vulture funds.

But in the last few days there couldn’t be a greater example of our values at work than the news from Sierra Leone.

Help provided by our Labour government, and the personal efforts of Gordon Brown – coupled with the work of the Sierra Leone government and aid agencies – has launched free healthcare for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and for the under-5’s. And this in a country which has suffered from one of the worst death rates in the world among women in childbirth.

This will literally save thousands of lives. This didn’t happen by chance – it happened by choice. Your choice – and I hope you will choose Labour’s proven record of delivering for the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Your choice has meant we have trebled the aid budget since 1997. The same choice that has focussed our aid on the poorest. And the same choice that led us to cancel debts for the world’s poorest countries.

A Tory government would risk this for the sake of ideological schemes driven by MPs who simply don’t get it when it comes to tackling global poverty or climate change.

It is your choice this Thursday – a choice that will have impact for the better or for the worse far beyond our own shores.

It is a choice between a Labour or a Tory government.

And I hope your choice will be for Labour.

Douglas Alexander

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