Gordon: Our commitment to making poverty history

Gordon Brown speaks at the international development #GBontheRoad event, Saturday 17th April.Here is a quick message from Gordon Brown from Labour’s blog on the campaign trail:

“One part of Labour’s record that has inspired a lot of young people in particular is our commitment to making poverty history. I have given a number of speeches about that over the years, but today I did another GB on the Road event to give people the chance to ask whatever questions they wanted about foreign policy and development.  Labour’s manifesto also includes a pledge to put our target of spending 0.7% of national income on aid into law and you can watch why that matters here.

And just think what we have already achieved working with other countries:

– almost 50 million more children are in school than ten years ago

– record numbers of children are reaching their fifth birthday and

– millions more peopke are getting lifesaving healthcare

And we can be proud of the role Britain is playing in the world. Because with a  Labour government we have seen:

– the trebling of aid

– the cancelling of debt and

– the worldwide ban on cluster bombs

These are amazing Labour achievements, but they do not belong to me, or Tony, or Hilary, or David or Douglas; they belong to you. You did this; be very, very proud.”

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