Getting international development on the agenda and into the election debates…

Last night, LCID attended the launch of ONE Vote 2010, which heralds yet more exciting news for the profile of development issues in the election. It’s a campaign from anti-poverty group ONE based on their innovative work during the last American elections. They are asking voters to use social media to engage local candidates and partnering with the Global Poverty Project to host ‘Inconvenient Truth’ style presentations across the UK. The grassroots focus is designed to give new voice to voters’ concerns about global poverty in the run-up to the general election.
As in the US, ONE also have video statements from all the main party leaders explaining their development priorities if elected. This came on the back of thousands of members signing a petition asking Brown, Clegg and Cameron to go ‘On the Record’. Check out Gordon’s video here:

Embed of Gordon’s video:

ONE will also be live-streaming the Development Ministers’ debate later this month, and encouraging its members to submit development orientated questions to the Leaders’ Foreign Policy Debate on April 22nd.

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