Pass a motion in your CLP in support of UK Aid, and in solidarity with the Uyghur people

LCID has two campaigns – in defence of UK aid, and for the protection people from mass atrocities. To raise awareness of both these issues amongst Labour members, and to help ensure Labour puts forward strong policies on them, we would welcome your support in passing two CLP motions.

The first, on UK Aid, calls on the Party to continue to support reinstating DFID and spending 0.7% of GNI on aid when we are next in government.

The second, which we have drafted with our friends at the Labour Campaign for Human Rights, calls on Labour to show solidarity with the Uyghur peoples against their persecution by the Chinese State. 

You can submit CLP motions directly to your CLP Secretary (their email is on your membership card) if you have an all-member structure or LCID is affiliated to your CLP, or via your branch if you have a delegate structure.

Below are the two motions:

A) Independence of DfID and cuts to UK aid budget

This branch/CLP notes:  

1. The government’s decision to merge the Department for International Development (DfID) with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) to form the Department for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs.

2. The cut to the aid budget by 5 billion, from the 0.7% to 0.5% of GNI.

This branch/CLP believes: 

3. That these decisions put UK aid in jeopardy. When development agencies sit under the Foreign Office, its focus gets subverted. This will impact the UK’s ability to reduce global poverty. 

4. That having the Secretary of State for International Development at the Cabinet table is essential, because it is means that development issues are discussed at the highest levels of government. When the Cabinet discusses the UK’s approach to current and future global crises it is the job of the DfID Secretary of State to push for development issues to be part of the agenda.

5. That the timing of the government’s merger and cut to the aid budget is reckless. The global crisis caused by COVID-19 will be exacerbated in the world’s poorest countries without the support and expertise that DfID can provide. 

6. That the government decisions will reduce the UK’s standing in the world. The UK is a global leader in international development and by singling a retreat into narrow self-interest undermines the emergence of a “Global Britain” that the government claim to support. This will directly impact the UK’s ‘soft power’ capabilities.

This branch/CLP welcomes:

7. Keir Starmer’s support to reinstate DfID and commitment to spending 0.7% of GNI on aid.

8. The retention of a Shadow Secretary of State for International Development as a position in the Shadow Cabinet.

This branch/CLP resolves: 

9. That the Labour Party commits to reinstate DfID and the 0.7% aid commitment on day 1 of a Labour Government

10. That the Labour Party continues to support the retention of the International Development Committee (IDC) to ensure transparency and accountability for aid spending.  

11. The aid spending target is enshrined in law. In the event this requires a vote in parliament we urge the Parliamentary Labour Party to vote against it.

12. To invite a speaker from LCID’s Speakers Network to attend a CLP meeting to discuss LCID’s campaign for the protection of international development.

B) Solidarity with the Uyghur peoples

This branch/ CLP notes:  

1. The persecution of the Uyghur peoples by the Chinese State.

This branch/CLP believes: 

2. The government of China is failing to uphold its responsibility to protect and is perpetrating crimes against humanity.

3. That under the guise of combatting religious extremism and terrorism the Chinese state is carrying out mass persecution of the Uyghur peoples and other Muslim minorities in NW China. This includes:

  • The internment of more than a million Uyghurs and other minorities in concentration camps, where torture, abuse, forced sterilisation, and systematic gang rape are reported.
  • The forced labour in factories and cotton fields supplying major global brands.
  • Extreme and intrusive surveillance in operation in Xinjiang with the assistance of big tech companies.
  • Tyrannical restrictions on linguistic, religious and cultural freedom including the destruction of thousands of mosques.
  • The mass separation of children from their parents.

4. The Chinese State is in breach of International law:

  • This includes customary international law, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and acts prohibited under Article II of the Genocide Convention.

This branch/ CLP resolves: 

5. To uphold the motion passed at the 2019 Labour conference that committed our party to “stand proudly and unequivocally with the Uyghur people against oppression and persecution by the Chinese State” and “support and mobilise for protests and demonstrations in support”.

6. To push Labour, our campaign organisations and our unions into ongoing action on this issue, such as calling for the following:

  • Urge China to grant unfettered access to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
  • Support the UK Uyghur Tribunal and give it official backing.
  • Apply Magnitsky-style sanctions on the CCP officials involved in human rights abuses in Xingjiang.
  • Introduce a Human Rights Due Diligence law on UK companies requiring them to investigate their value chains to identify, prevent and mitigate human rights abuses.
  • Work with Central Asian and other Muslim majority countries, such as Turkey, to ensure protection to Uyghur refugees.

7. To invite a Uyghur activist from LCID’s Speakers Network to a future CLP meeting of this local party.

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