LCID Statement on Tory Aid Cuts

This is another truly shameful day for this government. This is money that should be spent immunising children to stop them dying of preventable causes, educating them so they can have a decent future and escape poverty, or stopping women from dying in childbirth.

Between now and the next budget, it’s a cut that could have immunised enough kids to save 100,000 lives, and 350,000 lives between 2021-22.

Is this what we have become as a country? Walking away from our responsibilities to the world? Breaking our promises? Pulling up the drawbridge?

Yes there are challenges at home, which is why we have always opposed austerity. Yes, the deficit needs to be paid down but we can do so gradually thanks to extremely low interest rates. In any case, this cut represents around 2% of the deficit – it will hardly make a dent whilst causing tremendous harm. This is a needless cut which will cause needless suffering.

If this cut requires a change to the 0.7% aid law, we urge all MPs to vote against it.

Setting the path to reaching 0.7%, and securing the votes that enshrined that target in law, is one of Labour’s greatest achievements. Only with a Labour government again can we ensure Britain becomes a force for good again in the world.

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