The Choice on International Development

The choice in this election on international development is clear – between electing a Labour government to continue our tradition of helping the world’s poorest people…and a Conservative government whose pledges to voters do not contain a single mention of international development. And worse, their most likely coalition partners, UKIP, want to abolish DFID and the aid budget by £9bn a year.


Leading in the World – Labour’s manifesto pledges

Globalisation has increased connectivity between countries and people, as global challenges increasingly demand global solutions. Instead of building upon Britain’s role in addressing global challenges, David Cameron has been content to watch from the sidelines. Time and again he has put his Party before his country – he is sleepwalking Britain towards exit from the European Union, trying to keep his Party in line while putting British jobs at risk. Meanwhile, Britain’s commitment to climate change, human rights and multilateral organisations has frequently fallen by the wayside, with a reliance on the private sector for the delivery of development assistance not being met with adequate levels of transparency and accountability.

Labour’s Plan

The next Labour Government will put Britain back at the heart of global affairs. We believe Britain must play a proactive role in tackling international issues and we won’t shy away from the big challenges: working to eliminate extreme poverty, supporting countries transitioning to democracy, tackling terrorism and climate change. With Labour, Britain will lead by example, working with our partners worldwide to promote our values and defend our national interests. Only by doing so can we hope to build a better, safer and more secure world. And because Britain will be better off remaining at the heart of a reformed EU, Labour will make the hard-headed, patriotic case both for reform in Europe, not exit from Europe.

Labour will:

  • Ensure an outward-facing Britain, using our assets to amplify our influence worldwide.
  • Lead by example on human rights, upholding them domestically through the Human Rights Act, and advocating them overseas.
  • Put reducing inequality, climate change, and promoting universal health care at the heart of international development, pushing for an ambitious agreement in 2015.


The Conservative’s pledges on international development

Nothing. Not a single word. See for yourself on their own website.


UKIP – the Tories most likely coalition partners

UKIP will cut the foreign aid budget by £9bn per year – with a much-reduced aid budget administered by the Foreign Office, with DFID scrapped as an independent department with a Cabinet minister. Read more here.


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