Introducing our new Exec for 2014-2015!

LCID's New Exec

Thank you to all LCID members who voted in our elections. Our AGM has just finished and the results ratified – congratulations to our new Executive for the year ahead!

David Taylor
Bethan Twigg
Sarah Kennedy
Mann Virdee
Laura Kyrke-Smith
Charlie Samuda
Joe Walker
Farah Nazeer
Suzanne Foster
Laura Boughey
Stuart McWilliam
Billy Hill
Namaa Al-Mahdi
Ake Achi
Mike Buckley

Dr. Graham Giles MBE
Samuel Rushworth
Dan Sharp
Fran Walker
Chris Coghlan
Graham du Plessis
James Beckles
Glenn Power

Thank you again to everyone who voted and who stood. We will be meeting soon to plan for the year ahead – and will be in touch soon with details of what we pledge to do in the run up to the 2015 general election – and how you can get involved!

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