Help lead LCID through 2015

The LCID Exec at Labour Party Conference in Manchester

The LCID Exec at Labour Party Conference in Manchester

“We have a choice, turn inwards or engage with the world.”

As Ed Miliband said at this year’s party conference, Labour is an internationalist party – it is in our DNA, a proud part of our history. LCID exists to keep internationalism a key part of our future, and ensure the next Labour government makes Britain a global leader in the fight against poverty and inequality once again.

Thanks to our members and supporters, LCID is now an affiliated socialist society. We’ve got exciting plans to host a conference in early 2015 that will bring together the internationalist parts of our movement to debate how a future Labour government can ensure Britain remains a progressive powerhouse, leading global efforts for a fairer, safer, more prosperous world. And we’ll also be campaigning in key marginal seats, those where development is of interest to swing voters (such as university towns) to ensure that Labour government gets to power to deliver that progressive agenda.

Nominations are now open

The LCID Executive Committee will be a vital part of this strategy in 2015, and we are holding our annual elections in November. We are opening nominations today and inviting members to put themselves forward for election.

We are keen for anyone who is interest to stand, but you need to be a member to both stand and to vote. Not a member? Go to and join today.

We are looking for 15 LCID members to take us forward with a range of skills and experience that might include some of the following:

  • Helping deliver a day conference on internationalism in early 2015
  • Electoral campaigning
  • Building our membership (we’d like to at least double our numbers)
  • Building alliances and working across the labour movement – such as Trade Unions, CLPs, Coops and other Socialist Societies
  • Financial and organisational governance
  • Communications such as social media and blog editing

Nominations are encouraged from a broad range of members to reflect the diversity of our membership, including in terms of gender, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity. LCID is also keen to maintain a balance between those who work within the sector and also passionately interested members from the wider movement.

Executive Committee members are expected to make a significant contribution through their agreed area of responsibility and joint projects. The Executive meets every month with additional Advisory Board meetings where appropriate. Dialling in to meetings enables members to participate from across the UK and nominations are particularly welcome from the devolved nations.

If you think you could help us take forward our mission as part of a team, please submit your nomination, along with a statement no more than 80 words, to before 8pm on Wednesday 12th November.

Online voting will take place between the 13th and 25th November and successful candidates will take office at the close of the AGM the following day, held in the House of Commons on Wednesday 26th November at 6.30pm.

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