LCID’s submission to the International Development Select Committee

This month LCID made a submission to the UK Parliament’s International Development Select Committee on “Beyond Aid: The Future UK Approach to Development”.

Our submission starts with the broad approach to development that we believe is right. We look at why we think the Government’s current focus on poverty relief is not enough. We set out an alternative approach to development that is pro-rights, pro-equality and multilateralist.

The Inquiry looks at policy coherence and so we go into some detail on how this can be achieved – both within our aid policy and across all UK Government policies that have a global impact. We start with coherence of objective and then look at Government mechanisms for coherence of delivery.

We establish five key priorities for UK aid, in order to achieve a world that is not only less poor but more peaceful, sustainable and just: targeting poor people consistently; prioritising the rights of women and girls; ensuring that policy is consistently pro-climate; promoting decent work and access to employment; reducing conflict and fragility.

Beyond aid, we look at other areas where greater coherence is required:  responsible capitalism, tax regulation and evasion, tackling climate change and improving life in fragile states. We look at why these issues matter to people in developing countries; people who are inevitably impacted by them.

We then set out what’s needed in Government to achieve this, including genuine leadership from No.10 and keeping DFID as a full department of state with a Secretary of State at the cabinet table.

You can read our full submission here.

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