Thanks to you, we have taken a giant leap towards enshrining aid in law


On Friday, thanks to you, we passed a major hurdle on the way to enshrining Britain’s 0.7% aid spending in law. Labour MPs thwarted attempts by right-wing Tory MPs to filibuster the bill and we are now only a few steps away from seeing the law on the statute book.

Thank you to everyone who contacted your MP. 1 in 4 of the Labour MPs who voted for the bill were LCID members or encouraged to attend the vote by LCID. Labour MPs made up the majority of MPs voting for the bill – we are grateful to all of them for their support, especially those who came down from campaigning in Scotland. All six who voted against were Tory.

Thanks to you, we took a giant leap towards securing a key part of Labour’s legacy. There are a few more stages to go, and we’ll need your help to get it through a final reading later in the year – but a major hurdle has been passed, the momentum is with us, and we are closer than ever to guaranteeing British aid will continue to change lives.

No thanks to weakening Britain’s influence in the world – phone bank on Wednesday

Under the last Labour Government Britain became a global leader in the fight against poverty. That leadership came not only from the amount of money we spent but the influence we wielded – such as securing debt relief when hosting the G8 in 2005, or pulling the world economy back from the brink at the London G20 Summit. An independent Scotland will weaken Britain’s role in the world and weaken our ability to change it for the better.

We wish everyone campaigning in Scotland over the remaining days the best of luck, and encourage everyone else to help how they can. On Wednesday, we’ll be joining the phone bank at Labour Party HQ from 6.30pm – please email if you can make it.

Phone bank for the Scottish Referendum on Wednesday from 6.30pm – please email to attend.

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