Help us finish the job we started

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On Friday, MPs have a chance to enshrine in law Britain’s commitment to spend 0.7% of our GDP in law, and secure a piece of our Party’s legacy.

Together with the creation of DFID, debt relief, and leading global efforts to try and secure fair trade and climate deals – the trebling of aid is one of Labour’s proudest achievement. By 2010 our aid was helping to lift 3 million people out of poverty, get 40 million children into school and help 3 million children access lifesaving HIV and AIDS drugs. It was a Labour Government that in 2005 set us on course to spend 0.7% by 2013.

Help us finish the job we started – tweet or email your MP and urge them to vote on Friday.

The Tories promised to match our manifesto pledge to enshrine Britain’s aid spending in law, but they have failed to table the bill, and it is only a matter of time before Cameron caves in pressure from his backbenches and UKIP (as he has done on so many issues). Friday’s Private Members Bill vote is the final chance to get the law passed before the next election.

The majority of the MPs who have pledged to vote are Labour. We’re fortunate to have a strong group of LCID supporting MPs amongst the Parliamentary Labour Party, and we are very grateful to them for pledging to vote on Friday and for encouraging their colleagues to accompany them. 

If just 20 more MPs commit to vote the bill, we are confident it will pass – and we need your help to get us over the line

MPs of all parties are pledging their support on the website charities are running –

If your MP isn’t listed, contact them today by phone, email (you can find their details here) or by tweeting them with the hashtag #turnupsavelives

Help us finish the job we started – tweet or email your MP and urge them to vote on Friday.

Passing this bill will secure a piece of our Party’s legacy – and ensure that in the coming years we in Britain continue to provide our fair share in the fight to make poverty history.

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