Join IPPR and LCID for their upcoming events this Monday

IPPR Legislating for 0.7% aid 


IPPRLegislating for 0.7% aid with Rt Hon Michael Moore MP

Monday 14th July

16:00 – 17:00

IPPR offices, 4th Floor, 14 Buckingham Street, London WC2N 6DF

Why should Britain spend more as a proportion of GNI on overseas aid that any other G8 country? Having met the UN’s 0.7% target, why should the UK now lock that spending level in through legislation?

Liberal Democrat MP Michael Moore will explain why and discuss how he is building cross party consensus to back his recently introduced Private Members Bill.

Please register here to confirm your place.


LCID Parliamentary Panel 70 years on from Bretton Woods: Time for a new era of economic cooperation?

You are warmly invited to join the Labour Campaign for International Development at our parliamentary panel event to mark 70 years since Bretton Woods.

Date: Monday 14th July 2014
Time: 6.30pm – 7.45pm
Location: Committee Room 6, Houses of Parliament




  • Chris Leslie MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury
  • Alison McGovern MP, Shadow Minister for International Development
  • John Christensen, Tax Justice Network
  • Petra Kjell, Bretton Woods Project
  • Kitty Ussher, Tooley Street Research (Chair)

Less than a month after the D-Day landings, delegates from the forty-four Allied nations met in New Hampshire to create a new economic settlement for the post-war world. The economic planners who signed the Bretton Woods Agreement on 22 July 1944 understood the vital role that economic cooperation had to play in rebuilding a war-ravaged world.The economic challenges that the world faces today are different but stark: economic growth is failing to lift millions out of poverty in the developing world; a global youth unemployment crisis stretches throughout the world; and we face a catastrophic threat from climate change. None of these challenges will be successfully tackled by economies acting in isolation.

This high-level panel event will question what have been the lessons of the Bretton Woods model of economic cooperation and consider how its institutions have fared. The event is open to members and non-members alike; please register your attendance by email so we can keep track of numbers. Please leave 30 minutes to enter through security into the Houses of Parliament and use the Cromwell Green entrance.

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