Event: Eyewitness to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Feb 11th, 6.30pm)

Dear Friend of LCID,

LCID is pleased to begin its 2014 events programme with a discussion on issues of human rights in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In Autumn last year LCID member Melanie Ward served as a Human Rights Observer in the West Bank. For 3 months she lived and worked in Hebron, one of the most tense areas in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In this event she will share and discuss experiences of life under military occupation, the humanitarian impact on the local population and the work of Israeli human rights groups.

When: 6.30pm-8pm, Tuesday 11th

Where: House of Commons, Committee Room 5 (enter via the Cromwell Green entrance)

Please note that there can be delays going through security, visitors are advised to allow extra time when arriving at parliament.

You do not have to be a member of LCID to attend this event but you will be able to sign up on the evening. You can also join as a member here.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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