The Labour movement remembers Madiba

“Nelson Mandela was a supreme inspiration to us from the early 1960’s when we first campaigned against Apartheid.

He showed unsurpassed courage and endurance in his fight against oppression,unequalled humanity in his guidance to South Africa and the World.

He had the strength to be merciful,the wisdom to be gentle and generous.We salute those qualities of truly great leadership.

It was a privelige to meet Mandela the hero, a delight to know Nelson the man.We cherish memories of time spent with him – and to be called ‘comrade’by him was an unforgettable honour.

We send our love and deepest sympathy to Graca and the Mandela family.”
– Neil and Glenys Kinnock, Honorary President of LCID


“Nelson Mandela’s inspired millions around the world to fight for the values that fought for; fairness, equality and democracy. His long struggle for freedom and justice helped to bring South Africa out of its dark and divisive past and into a brighter future of hope and opportunity.

Nelson Mandela was one of the leading world figures from the 20th century, and I have no doubt that generations to come will continue to be inspired by his moral and political leadership.”
– Rachel Reeves, Honorary President of LCID


“The world has lost the global hero of our age. Nelson Mandela showed us the true meaning of courage, hope, and reconciliation.”
– Ed Miliband – read Ed’s tribute in full here.


“Until his last breath he was the keeper of his Nation’s conscience. The freedom fighter who became everyone’s revered grandfather that no-one ever wanted to disappoint. It was as if his six foot frame was gently perched on the shoulder of every South African; some stumbled under the weight but South Africa, the rainbow nation was forged in his image.”
– Jim Murphy, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development – read Jim’s obituary for The Scotsman here.


“Justice, reconciliation, & humanity have lost a great servant. The world has lost its greatest leader. Mandela now belongs to the ages.”
– Douglas Alexander, Shadow Foreign Secretary – read Douglas’ tribute in full here.


“Seeing Nelson Mandela walking free is one of the great moments of my life – proving leadership and hope can triumph. Thank you.”
– Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor


“Nelson Mandela was the greatest leader of our generation and one of the heroes of not just our time, but all time.”
– Gordon Brown – read Gordon’s tribute in full here.


“Nelson Mandela was a great leader and the world’s most powerful symbol of reconciliation, hope and progress.”
– Tony Blair – read Tony’s tribute in full here.


“Nelson Mandela: a bright beacon of justice, democracy and liberty shining across the world, sadly now extinguished.”
– Peter Hain, leading anti-apartheid campaigner


“Rest in peace Nelson Mandela. For my generation you were the greatest leader of them all. You chose reconciliation and hope over revenge and fear.”
– Ivan Lewis, former Shadow Secretary of State for International Development


“Nelson Mandela was a fighter for freedom & justice. Extraordinary leader of historic change. A beacon for the world.”
– Harriet Harman, former Shadow Secretary of State for International Development


“Our union was proud to have stood by him and others in the movement in the tough times to help support their historic struggle for equality, justice and in ending apartheid. And we are proud that he is an honorary President of UNISON. We mourn his passing, but are grateful for his life”.
– Dave Prentis, General Secretary of UNISON, affiliated to LCID – read UNISON’s tribute in full here.


“Mandela’s spirit will live on as a beacon of hope for those fighting for freedom and against oppression.”
– Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite – read Unite’s tribute in full here.


“GMB mourns the passing of former South African President, Nelson Mandela. Mandela was a global colossus who devoted his life to the struggle for freedom, peace and democracy. He was a great friend to the trade union movement and an inspiration to us all.”
– Paul Kenny, General Secretary of GMB – read GMB’s tribute in full here.

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