Jim Murphy on LCID and burning the calories for development

It is a huge pleasure to be Shadow Secretary of State for International Development. I am looking forward to working with LCID and all LCID members on developing an exciting, progressive development agenda. The energy and expertise you all have should be central not just to our policy-development but our on-the-ground campaigning in the run up to the election. You could say that I want our post-2015 development agenda to be a key factor in our pre-2015 winning election strategy!

Have you ever run a marathon? Well if you ever have and felt like I did after I ran my first one (this year in London for ABF The Soldiers Charity) then you would have sworn never to do it again. But a month is a long time when it comes to running. In the summer when my friend Maggie Darling asked if I would raise funds for EdUKaid and persuaded me to think ‘the London marathon wasn’t that bad, I’ll try the Dublin one and raise money for a really important cause’.

Now, I was never going to raise a fortune (ABF The Soldiers Charity got £12,000 from my 26 miles) but I was going to give the training and fundraising another go. That was until Party conference struck – or to be more precise until the right elbow of a journalist at the annual MPs vs Journos football match on the Sunday of Conference struck. I know most of you think that only Ed Balls plays in these matches but there at least 15 others of us MPs who turn out! That day an accidental elbow from Sky News cracked two of my ribs and, as some of you might know, there is no treatment for cracked ribs other than rest. So that’s what I’ve done; rest, no exercise and more rest.

I considered pulling out, but with less than a week to go I’ve decided to run the Dublin marathon without doing any training. Because I hadn’t planned to run there’s no big fundraising night or financial appeal – just a last minute blog.

If you can help with a wee donation for EdUKaid then please go to my Just Giving page or send a cheque made out to the Charity to me at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

As for the ribs, they only hurt when I take a deep breath – that might be a problem after the first 400 metres!

Thanks a lot.



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