What happened at the social event of the year AKA the LCID Members Reception….

With the parliamentary session ending and the summer weather making itself known, what more could you want to set the scene for this year’s LCID Members Reception in Parliament.

For the second year running the event was packed with people genuinely spilling out the doors at one point. The most heartening thing about it though wasn’t the number, but the variety and passion of the LCID members who attended. From our honorary presidents and speakers through to the new members who signed up on the night, everyone had their own reason why they passionately believed in both the Labour Party and international development.

With a good number of politicians in the room, it obviously wasn’t long until the speeches began. Shadow Secretary of State for International Development; Ivan Lewis MP, opened focusing not only on the important challenges ahead but more poignantly the reason we were all there, to celebrate and campaign for the world leading change that can be achieved.  In this case the landmark achievement that as we met the UK was for the first time meeting the 0.7% target which Labour put in place whilst in government.

New LCID honorary Vice President Debbie Abrahams also spoke movingly about her personal experiences on a trip to Bangladesh – talking about the problems of acid attacks and illustrating with heartbreaking detail the devastating effects of this awful practice.


Amongst a number of other excellent speakers;  including a witty yet incisive contribution from another of our new Vice-Presidents, Unite’s Gail Cartmail, LCID co-chair Clare Leigh announced a raft of new initiatives which we at LCID have been working on. I’m sure you’ll be hearing much more about ithem in the coming months! Look out for announcements on:

  • LCID’s new target seats programme ,prioritising 3 key constituencies for campaigning.
  • Exciting policy development work.
  • Soaring LCID membership.
  • Three high profile events at Labour Party conference.

I’m sure you’ll agree its shaping up to be another busy year! If you are  not a member yet it is a great time to get involved. Sign up at www.lcid.org.uk/join

A final thought – this year our members reception took place as MPs voted to introduce gay marriage – something only a decade or two earlier would have been unimaginable. Maybe the end of world hunger isn’t as far away as we think…

David Courcoux is the Elections Officer for LCID

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