We have a once in a generation chance to tackle inequality. Cameron is letting his values stymie the debate

LCID Statement on the High Level Panel report on the Post-2015 agenda:

  • The High Level Panel report sets no goal for reducing income inequality – and we know that Cameron fought against this consistently
  • The failure to tackle inequality was one of the key failings of the last development goals
  • The world’s 100 richest people amassed three times more money last year than it would cost to end extreme poverty
  • Goals to end extreme poverty and expand social protection are laudable but we can only afford them if those at the top pay their fair share
  • The number of emerging and developing countries aiming for universal health coverage is growing rapidly – and yet Cameron has chosen to go against this growing consensus by omitting a goal to achieve universal health coverage
  • We do, however, welcome the goal on gender equality and women’s empowerment, and the strong focus on climate change and sustainability

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