LCID make a new friend at Progress Conference 2013

LCID members with Peter Mandelson


Members of the LCID Exec team were delighted to welcome Peter Mandelson to their stall at yesterday’s Progress Conference. The former Trade Minister (and Labour Party legend) spoke of the importance of international development on UK trade.


The team had a really successful day, gathering lots of interest in the campaign and new members. They met some very interesting people and thank Progress for the opportunity to attend.

One thought on “LCID make a new friend at Progress Conference 2013

  1. DAVID NEWMAN says:

    I am trying to get to the bottom of the much quoted Daily Mail story about Peter Mandelson making a speech about immigration at this conference and the quote “Labour sent out search parties looking for immigrants”. I can only find a single source for this story, DM reporter Tim Shipman. As some of you were at this conference and presumably heard Mandelson’s speech, can you enlighten me on the truth about this?

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