Tony Blair writes for Guardian’s Comment is Free on aid to Africa

Tony Blair took to Comment is Free in the The Guardian on Saturday to explain the historic benefits of the Gleneagle’s Summit in 2005. Here, the G8 pledged to help Africa as a key priority and Blair explains how this has worked. Some positive points from the article are quoted below:

‘Today, the positive legacy of that summit is still being felt across Africa: aid was doubled and developing world debt dropped.’

‘In Africa since 2005, the rate of children dying before their fifth birthday has fallen by 18%. The proportion of people in Africa living in extreme poverty is down by nearly 10%. Aid from the UK alone has in the last two years helped more than 5 million more children go to primary school and 6 million people to access emergency food supplies.’

‘there has been a 60% reduction in maternal mortality in government health centres since the reforms’

‘Ghana…for example, is on track to be totally free of aid in the next decade’

Read the full article here.

One thought on “Tony Blair writes for Guardian’s Comment is Free on aid to Africa

  1. Blue says:

    Yes interesting to see LCID cite TB given its support for stopping Aid to Rwanda, a success story, whereas TB opposes this. I hope that LCID can one day prioritise the interests of poor Africans over party politics.

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