Congratulations Mo! Donate to his Foundation on East Africa

There’s more than two reasons why Mo Farah is a legend. He also runs, with his wife Tania, the Mo Farah Foundation. The Foundation works to help save lives and support people affected by the worst drought to hit the Horn of Africa region in over 60 years.

By the end of 2012, they are aiming to build 50 water wells across Somalia, provide and distribute a month’s supply of food to a minimum of 20,000 people, provide water sources for farms and their livestock by building at least 8 water canals in the areas worst affected by the drought, support agricultural development by providing livestock and farming tools to 10 farms across Somalia, and provide a month’s medical support to 40,000 people

You can donate to their Foundation here.

One thought on “Congratulations Mo! Donate to his Foundation on East Africa

  1. Dr Suda Rai says:

    I have been helping and donating to help develop the infrastructure development in the Developing countries. I am against sending food and cash aid/ help to any of the developing countries as it rarely reaches the real needy.
    Do not give fisherman daily bread, give him a tackle and net. A farmer, seed and help in irrigation not feeding the family daily. Similarly in the UK lot of the families wait for the Government handout/Social Security, It is important to give them employment not weekly hand outs. Long run, they become sometimes unemployable.


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