Tweets and headlines from Rio+20

Alex Farrow is in Brazil attending the Rio+20 conference. Rio+20 is the informal name for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development and is happening 20 years after the Earth Summit in 1992. World leaders (Nick Clegg & Caroline Spelman for us) will be attending the negotiations at the end of June and the conference will provide us with the global direction for the next twenty years.
He will be writing for covering the main headlines from Rio+20, the youth events and offering an honest, observers eye, on the process and outcomes for children and young people. Key themes for me will be the participation of young people, specific policy negotiations with a big impact on youth (now and in the future) and commenting on the youth movement more generally. Do follow the page and share his posts. Alex writes:
At a time of crisis in the world, sustainable development can often encompass the issues that don’t seem important right now. Sustainable development is about our daily lives with huge discussions on food, water, jobs, economy, oceans, cities and natural disasters. When we are honest about the the changes that need to happen in the world (which are particularly clear when things are tough) we often make the best and most ambitious choices.
He will also be tweeting at @alexjamesfarrow and @youthpolicy.

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