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Labour respond to the Queen’s Speech

18 May 2012

Ivan Lewis MP and Baroness Kinnock respond strongly to the government’s omission of legalisation to enshrine the UK’s commitment to reach 0.7% aid.

Ivan said;

The Government’s failure to include the 0.7% aid commitment in legislation in the first Queen’s Speech breached a clear Tory manifesto commitment and a key element of the coalition agreement. Their failure to include it in this second Queen’s Speech is not only a broken promise, but represents something far more significant—a Prime Minister weakened by the omnishambles of recent months with no authority to change his party and a Chancellor pandering to the right, always with an eye to the succession. Development policy should not be used as a dividing line for internal ideological battles in the Tory party; it is too important for that. Will the Secretary of State now confirm when the Government will bring forward the legislation and whether there will be full Government support and co-operation for any private Member’s Bill that seeks to enshrine the 0.7% commitment in law?

And Glenys told the House of Lords;

Andrew Mitchell said not long ago “On the whole politicians should do what they say they are going to do” and he confirmed that legislation would take the 0.7% commitment “beyond doubt”. I agree with him. So let’s do it.

You can read Ivan’s speech in full here and Glenys’ remarks here.

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