A message from Baroness Glenys Kinnock & Rachel Reeves MP

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Standard Membership - £10Reduced Membership - £5

Dear Friend,

As Honorary Co-Presidents of the Labour Campaign for International Development (LCID) we are writing to encourage you to join us as a Founding Member.

Since LCID was launched in January 2010 it has grown to become an active and respected advocate of international development within the Labour Party and beyond.

Together we’ve organised campaign trips in the last election, got development on the agenda in the Labour Leadership contest, helped exposed the Tories’ attempts to drop over 100 aid commitments and inputted into the Party Policy review, but we’re looking for 50 people to join with us to become a Founding Members and help LCID grow.

Your membership with help LCID become an ever more effective voice on international development within the Labour Party and set us on the path to becoming established as a Socialist Society affiliated to the Labour Party.

Poverty is political, it is about the change we choose and only with the socially democratic values, progressive economics and real leadership will Britain play it full role in its eradication.

You can become a Founding Member by making an donation of £10 or £5 (reduced rate) by clicking on the icons above.

All Founding Members will be invited to a special event in the New Year, and will have the right to participate in elections of the first LCID Executive Committee in early 2012.

Your support as a Founding Member will be vital to help LCID continue to be an effective voice on international development in the Labour Party and beyond.

With best wishes,

Baroness Glenys Kinnock & Rachel Reeves MP

Honorary Presidents of LCID

P.S. Don’t use PayPal? Click here to download our membership form, simply print it off and send it back to us!

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