Building a better future with Somalia

Rushanara Ali MP, shadow minister for international development, writes that she is “pleased to see the renewed focus from the international community on the future of Somalia, but we must ensure that this focus delivers what the ordinary people of Somalia want and need”.

Somalia today is a country with some of the worst human development indicators in the world. Average life expectancy is only 48 years and at least 1.4 million of the estimated population of 9.3 million have been displaced.

[E]nsuring that ordinary Somali people have access to clean water, healthcare and food is crucial in the short-term if we hope to save the 31 per cent of the population who are still living in crisis.  But we must also start looking to the longer term solution.

This will mean addressing security and stability but it also means looking at the development situation. To be effective, peacebuilding, statebuilding and poverty alleviation need to be integrated. The real, long-term solution is jobs and social and economic development in Somalia.

You can read Rushanara’s article here.

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