Resource security in a rapidly changing world

On Thursday Ivan Lewis gave the keynote address to the WWF and RGS “Navigating the perfect storm: the international challenge of food, water and energy security” seminar. Outlining Labour’s approach to the issue of resource security he said;

Because we accept that there is a need for a joined up, cross departmental approach we are determined to lead by example. It is for this reason that the Labour party has established the ‘Road to Rio’ joint working group bringing together the relevant shadow ministers from the Climate Change, Environment and International Development teams to develop a coordinated cross-departmental approach which will also involve engagement with our Shadow Treasury and BIS teams, on many of the issues of joint interest. This will be particularly important in order to develop a coherent vision in the run up to June’s Rio +20 meeting on sustainable development.

Labour will be focused on not only supporting ways to make as much progress on the current MDG targets as possible, but on what a post 2015 development framework might look like. Over the coming months I and my team will be working closely with stakeholders across the development landscape to contribute to the creation of a new ambitious, sustainable and coordinated international framework, and I look forward to working with you all as we development this conversation.

You can read the full speech here.

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