Tory MPs £25,000 junket to Equatorial Guinea paid for by dictatorial government ahead of report on its ‘trivial’ human right violations, report Daily Mail

The Daily Mail, of all papers, reporting on the extraordinary news that three Conservative MPs enjoyed a £25,000 junket to Equatorial Guinea this summer just weeks before a report concluded human rights violations in the country were ‘trivial’.

Nadine Dorries, Steve Baker and Caroline Nokes visit to the country’s capital Malabo was supported by the dictatorial government through the Triarius Foundation who support West African and Islamic states.  The £25,000 cost was funded thanks to a grant by the nation’s government to the foundation.

The Triarius Foundation, which is based in Malta, later produced the report dismissing human rights violations in the country.

Seventy per cent of country’s 680,000 people live in poverty.

Click here for the full story.

Same old Tories…

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