This is a momentous day in the history of Libya – Douglas Alexander & Jim Murphy

Douglas Alexander MP, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, said:

“This is a momentous day in the history of Libya, and closes a dark 42 year long chapter in the county’s history. All of us will hope this will also mark an end to the present fighting in Libya, but the challenges facing the NTC remain great.”

Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, said:

“At this historic moment for the people of Libya, this should also be a time of reflection for us at home on the professionalism of our Armed Forces. The NATO effort played a vital role in bringing Libya to this historic point and huge praise must go to the service personnel who have helped to end brutality, protect civilians and set Libya on a path to a secure, democratic and peaceful future. Challenges remain and their solutions will be led by the Libyan people themselves, backed by the support of the international community.”

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